About Us

Twain Taylor Consulting began as a one-man-shop in 2014, but we now have a team to better support our fast-growing customer base. Our focus is on serving companies in the DevOps and cloud-native space. If terms like service mesh, distributed tracing, horizontal pod autoscaler, and policy-based network security are what you live and breathe, you’ll feel completely at home with us. It’s what we’ve been writing about for almost a decade now.

Twain Taylor

Tech Analyst

Twain Taylor began his career at Google in 2005, where one of his numerous roles involved acting as technical support for the AdWords team. Later, he built branded social media applications and automation scripts that help startups better manage their marketing operations. Today, he helps shed light on how DevOps teams can change the way they build and ship applications. If there are two things he is obsessed with, that is – to understand tech products deeply, and to make an honest and compelling case for them through his writing. When away from his computer, he’s often playing his bass guitar, riding his motorcycle, or reading his daughters a book.

Abigail Venkat

Operations Manager

Whilst pursuing her Masters in Counselling Psychology, Abigail Venkat works part-time for Twain Taylor Consulting, managing operations. Over the short period of working with Twain, she finds herself to enjoy being organized and making to-do lists though she was never keen on them while she was younger. She has realized that individuals are capable of more productivity and satisfying outcomes with a little bit of planning and organizing, which she thoroughly enjoys in her current role. Outside of her part-time job and education, she is fond of playing basketball with her friends as she enjoys the sport and their company.

Kartik Sharma


My name is Kartik Sharma. I am a data engineer who has penchant for writing. I try to stay updated with the trends in the Tech world and find it quite fascinated how the landscape changes so quickly and often.

Joshua George


Spending three years in academic writing and two years in entertainment journalism has opened me up to the immense world of knowledge out there. I love learning about new trends and developments in tech that I would not otherwise encounter in my day job as a counselor. Reading and writing about the process behind the product also gives me newfound appreciation for the labor and innovation that goes into the things we take for granted every day.

Sherin Dhote


My mother’s dream of me becoming a doctor came crashing down when I scored 1 in my Chemistry exam. This gave me the perfect opportunity to develop my passion for writing. My interest in tech began as a teenager, the day I got my first smartphone. The idea of cloud storage changed my entire perspective, leading me to subscribe to tech newsletters and become a tech enthusiast. Although my forte is creative writing, I believe it blends beautifully with my keen interest in tech to produce interesting write-ups.